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"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" - Thomas Edison

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“My goal is to empower people to take charge of their own health"

Kajal Bhatia is a University Certified Nutritionist and a Diabetes educator. An exponent of natural health and wellness, she is also a health food forager.

Her focus lies in educating people about the power of a whole foods plant based lifestyle with an eye towards restoring good health and preventing ill health. Kajal believes true health is natural to the human body and is synonymous with good energies. Her easily sustainable and enzyme rich alkaline meal plans and recipes support the transition to a preventive lifestyle.

Kajal is also currently on the board of the juicing company ‘RAW Pressery’ as their nutritional and product consultant.



Doctorate in plant based nutrition (Phd)

/ 2010

Certified Diabetes Educator Post Graduate Course: Dr Chandalia, endocrinologist and SNDT University.

/ 2009

Bachelors in Food Science and Nutrition Dr BMN College, SNDT University

/ 2005

Certificate Course in Nutrition – Sophia College


Kajal has successfully restored optimal health incase of people experiencing symptoms of toxic overload such as low energy, poor concentration or memory , hair and skin issues, food cravings, premature ageing to lifestyle disorders like hormonal and bone disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders –constipation ,irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, sleep apnea, hyper cholesterolemia, arthritis, , kidney stone, diabetes, obesity, etc.

A speaker on health and wellness- Kajal brings her passion for health and influence to her audience . She speaks at many public and private forums, corporates and on health panels too. She will ‘nutrify’ your favourite foods, develop and demonstrate recipes tailored to your tastes, and help you revamp your kitchen and lifestyle through her unique cooking demos and signature health and grocery walks.

Kajal also offers her expertise to the food processers, restaurateurs , health chains etc to offer wholesome and minimally processed quality products to the people.


As a city bred teenager I enjoyed food. But a lot of what I ate, was junk. In retrospect I feel that there was no discipline to my food intake and this created an imbalance in my lifestyle. Soon I found myself having bouts of acidity – severe bouts where I would be in bed for days together. I would pop antacids often only to resurface with stronger reflux the next day. Food staying the same; this became a lifestyle. Years later post marriage, my health worsened. I acknowledged the existence of a disorder and that instilled a determination to find a permanent cure.

Meanwhile, I had started working in the food industry where I learnt about the intricacies of food production and distribution. It was about the same time that I got introduced to a whole food lifestyle. Food, I knew offered nourishment, but the thought that simply a certain change in food could heal my condition and make me ‘free from dis-ease’ was something that was new .I went on a whole food plan anyway. Within a fortnight, surprisingly, all the physical discomfort I had experienced for so many years disappeared, without the aid of medication! My skin was glowing once more and there was increased energy. Seeing the change in me, people around me tried what I was eating, and we found that their general health improved as well. I embraced the lifestyle.

This experience pushed me to take up and explore various facets of food, and Nutrition as a specialisation in college. Understanding the biochemistry of the human body at University and through various courses further made me realize the power of enzymes and live foods. I feel that my transition has enriched my life.

I now use my expertise, experience and learnings to better the lives of others.